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St Columba's Crosspool

Open to God, Welcoming All

Happy New Year

We want to let you know of changes to some arrangements, which are due to the evolving situation regarding Covid vaccinations starting at St Columba’s next week.

It is wonderful that our churches can serve the community in this way, and you may be aware that
Brenda Nelson and a small team of us has been working with the GP Practices to facilitate the
necessary strategy. Of course, the rapidly changing situation has caused much extra work and the
task is a huge undertaking.

So, in practical terms, the following events will be happening over the next week….

Wednesday 6th January 10am Morning Prayer at Stephen Hill

Thursday 7th January 10am Private Prayer at Stephen Hill

Sunday 10th January 10.30 Morning Worship at Stephen Hill

Please email if you do not have the Zoom log in information.

We also feel it important to emphasise the need to stay safe and not to feel any sense of duty to
attend church; there are concerns arising from spread of infection and icy conditions and we should
try to be responsible and help protect our friends in the hospitals and the emergency services. If you
are intending to attend the Sunday Services, please let Brenda Nelson know on 07835455562 or at