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St Columba's Crosspool

Open to God, Welcoming All

Pilgrimage to Nowhere


Viv, a member of St. Columba’s writes:   On Saturday 31st March I joined a group in the Resources Centre at Longshaw for a “Pilgrimage to Nowhere” led by the Revd Philip Roderick of “Contemplative Fire”.   After a welcome cuppa we read two passages from John’s Gospel.  Listening to the passages afresh,  I experienced the tremendous force of Christ’s personality and his power to heal. It seemed that Christ was there in the room with us.

Then we donned our jackets and went off to walk in silence for two hours across the beautiful landscape of the Longshaw Estate, around the lake , down into Padley Gorge, and back along Burbage Brook to the centre. We walked in silence, though Philip halted us many times to contemplate the presence of God in the natural world; to pray for trouble spots in the world and to remember our loved ones. Back at the Centre we ate our packed lunches .

The day ended with discussion.   Finally we went into the open again and prayed the Lord’s Prayer together with our arms held up to the sky. It was a wonderful beginning to Holy Week

Another pilgrimage walk is planned for the 28th July 2012 , the venue to be decided. I plan to be there!   For more details, see