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St Columba's Crosspool

Open to God, Welcoming All

The Song of the Crosspool Angels

Angels from the realms of Crosspool
Wing their flight around this place,
Bringing us the Christmas message,
Peace on earth, good will and grace,
Apron -wearing lunch-club angel,
Whisking eggs and ladling stew –
Behind the scenes at the heavenly banquet
There’s always washing up to do!
On her halo, the WI angel
Every so precariously
Balances some home-made cupcakes
And of course, a pot of tea.
Singing, crafting, reading Ben Elton,
The WI – there’s no stopping them!
Yet their angel begs the question,
Who’s inspiring Crosspool’s men? – what a website –
Everything you ever need
To know about our area ‘s up there
Daily updates, twitter feed….
Open meetings, Crosspool Clarion,
Why don’t you go ahead and toot your
Trumpet, Crosspool Forum angel,
Crosspool Forum, we salute you!
A hundred years since Harry Brearley’s
Stainless steel brought Sheffield fame,
Thank you, Crosspool Artists’ angel,
Forgetting this would be a shame.
Glittering hands from Lydgate Infants,
Blue and white from Hallam FC,
Smiles and baubles from our playgroup
Fill us with serenity.
In the land that Jesus came from
All, alas, is less serene,
Where the baby lay in manger
A wall of concrete stands between
Palestinian and Israeli,
At this wall the angels weep,
Yet our C Crew’s doctor angel
Speaks of those who work to keep
Hope alive of peace with justice
Israel’s Physicians for Human Rights.
Their health care and advocacy
Puts an end to endless fights
Over travel restrictions and visas,
You just don’t need it when you’re ill.
Through our giving to Christian Aid
Today, we’ll help them foot the bill.
An angel hovers above the organ
Care in Crosspool: hearts of gold.
Volunteering makes a difference
Two hours a month will do, I’m told.
Teenage angels come to join us
From Pulse Youth group and Girl Guides,
Lydgate Juniors made 3 – D snowflakes
And for the preacher this provides
An invitation to reflection.
No two snowflakes are the same
Each flake that falls uniquely fashioned.
How extraordinary is that? What became
Of our sense of wonder? God’s creation
Is more startling than we recognise.
Why take it all for granted? Why not
Let the scales fall from our eyes
This Christmas, see with eyes of faith,
Let Jesus teach us how to see
Glimpses of God’s coming kingdom
Amongst us, unexpectedly,
In Sheffield 10. But wait a minute!
Our heavenly host is incomplete
Without the Irish Dance School Angel.
Agile leaping, nimble feet….
Maybe heaven’s like a ceilidh,
Angels playing violin,
Jigs and reels and peals of laughter,
A circle dance where all join in.
Creator Son and Holy Spirit
Eternal dance of Trinity,
Arms outstretching to invite us:
Where love is, there we will be.
Love in Jesus comes to find us,
Comes to free, forgive and heal.
Hear the angels’ Christmas message:
God is with us! Joy is real!

Frances Eccleston, Christmas 2013