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St Columba's Crosspool

Open to God, Welcoming All

Easter Message from Revd. Iain Lothian

Dear All,

Easter feels particularly poignant this year as we not only come out of winter into the new life that spring offers but we also emerge out of lockdown into the gradual releasing of restrictions. The opening up of the tomb that locked down Jesus mirrors the opening-up of our lives after months of lockdown. In other words, the journey of death and resurrection that the Easter story tells is happening in our own lives and that of our community. It has been hugely significant that our community has been at the heart of this opening up, this resurrection, with one of our buildings facilitating around 14,000 vaccines so far.

The Easter cycle of death and resurrection is a cycle of endings and new beginnings. I believe that Stephen Hill and St. Columba are in that space where they leave behind their identities of being separate churches and come together as one community. This is never easy and requires generosity, grace, a vision for the future and a willingness to let go of old ways of being and thinking. However, I have no doubt that it will work because of the goodwill and the strength of relationship between members of both churches.

This cycle of endings and new beginnings is also very personal to me as I end my time at St. Columba & Stephen Hill and seek to start anew at St. James, Edinburgh. It is a time of mixed emotions and I am very sad to be leaving such a supportive and loving church community. The Bishop of Edinburgh told me that the reason he liked my application was that I talked about what we had achieved, not what I had achieved at St. Columba & Stephen Hill. This was not a conscious deliberate decision but subconsciously reflects that all the developments, exciting initiatives and coming together has been a communal effort. So, a big thank you for accepting me so readily, caring for my wellbeing so warmly, and making my time in Crosspool so fulfilling and enjoyable. You will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts, as I journey North of the border to pastures new.

A Joyful Easter to you all.

With Much Love Iain xxx