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St Columba's Crosspool

Open to God, Welcoming All

Message from Tom McAnea, lead clinician for the vaccination programme at St. Columba

We delivered another 3 days of vaccinating at St Columba’s at the end of last week. The batch of Pfizer was for 1170 vaccines in total (195 vials with 6 doses per vial) and over the 3 days 1167 appointments were filled of which 24 did not attend. 1143 patients attended and received a vaccine. In addition, 2 staff members at Moorville and 1 from Alexander Court were vaccinated as well as extra patients from Crookes, MRS, Broomhill and Stannington. A number of GPs and admin staff received their second dose. No vaccine doses were wasted over the 3 days. The 3 days were another example of safe and efficient work by the whole team of vaccinators, administrators and volunteers. It was bitterly cold throughout and I want to thank everyone for their hard work and persistence in difficult working conditions to ensure our patients are protected. As ever, patient feedback was very positive. As of this evening, after a total of 15 days at St Columba’s we have vaccinated approximately 7500 patients from across the 6 practices. This is an incredible achievement. It represents close to 25% of the adult population of all 6 practices. To be clear, your work will prevent patients being admitted to hospital, or to intensive care units and potentially dying from covid-19 infection. It has been a privilege and inspiring to see you work – the co-operation, humour, sense of camaraderie and general determination to get the job done remind me of what the NHS can be when it is at its best. Thank you. Remember that over 113,000 of our fellow citizens have died in this pandemic. We have one of the highest mortality rates in the world. As a nation we have not done well. Yet your work in the vaccination programme has been a model of professionalism and teamwork that is humbling to watch. The collaboration with the wonderful team of volunteers from the local community and colleagues from the city council has been key to our success. The challenge continues and we return next Saturday 20th for a clinic to deliver 400 AZ vaccines. This is followed with a further 3 days of vaccinating from Wednesday 24th-Friday 26th February to deliver 1170 Pfizer doses. Thanks again for all that you do, it is literally saving lives. Tom