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Christmas Message from Revd. Iain Lothian

The Christmas story has a sense of people on the move, on a journey, involving leaving familiar surroundings: Mary and Joseph leave Nazareth; the shepherds leave their fields; and the three Kings leave their kingdoms in the East to follow a star. Throughout their journeys, there is a pervading sense of darkness and danger all around, as the murderous King Herod searches for the Christ child. Into this darkness comes ‘a great light,’ in the form of a vulnerable baby, uninvited, and marginalised – there is absolutely no room in the inn; instead Jesus is left out in the cold of the stable.

The Christmas story encourages us also to leave familiar surroundings and embark on a journey in the dark to follow the light – a light likely to be found in the most unexpected places. The great message of Christmas is that if we are brave enough to accept this invitation we are not alone. God is with us. The birth of Christ is the ultimate breaking down of the barrier between God and us. It allows for deep intimate union, relationship and companionship. So this Christmas is a renewed invitation to not be afraid, leave familiar places, go on a journey with a companion whose love is greater than anything we can comprehend.

 Wishing you all a happy Christmas

 Revd. Iain Lothian