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St Columba's Crosspool

Open to God, Welcoming All

The Church has never been a building

The Church has never been a building, it has always been a people. We are about to discover what that means. From this Sunday onward the Church will meet as usual, but it won’t be happening in our buildings. It will be happening in our hearts and our homes.” At 10.30am and 7.00pm every Sunday, wherever you are, you are invited to light a candle in a window — as a sign of trust in Jesus, the Light of the World, who shines in the darkness. You may like to say this prayer, which has been specially written for the occasion:

Come, O Spirit of God, and make within us your dwelling place and home.
May our darkness be dispelled by your light, and our troubles calmed by your peace;
may all evil be redeemed by your love,
all pain transformed through the suffering of Christ,
and all dying glorified in his risen life. Amen.