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St Columba's Crosspool

Open to God, Welcoming All

Soup Run

We are privileged to bring together colleagues from St Columba, Stephen Hill and Tapton Congregational as ‘one team’ so Crosspool takes responsibility for alternative Mondays in the Sheffield City Soup Run. We participate in the rota made up of Churches throughout the city.  We have over 30 volunteers who either make sandwiches, hot drinks or soup, or who distribute and chat to the customers. We are very grateful to those who volunteer and to those who also donate blankets, sleeping bags and clothing. It is pleasing to see local people who do not have a direct connection with our three Churches, also volunteering. 

We welcome new volunteers and we would particularly appreciate some more men to help distribute and chat.  The people who come along for the sandwich and soup are nearly always very grateful and appreciative. There are around a dozen or so regulars and others who come and go.  Usually there are around twenty to twenty-five people in total. There is a mix of all ages and mainly men.  

We have been affected by the Covid Pandemic and hope to resume shortly.  Annually, there is a short break for the summer and Soup Run returns after the break around the beginning of September. 

Eddie Sherwood (

Soup run volunteers enjoy a social get-together at St. Columba’s with music provided by local jazz and folk musicians.  The event doubled as an info evening for prospective volunteers.