We are just round the corner from the Crosspool shops, and here to welcome all who come through our doors, whether for a church service, for Lunch Club, a keep fit class or one of the many other activities that take place in our building.

As a community we endeavour to:

  • be an inclusive church which celebrates human diversity and welcomes all.
  • create a space where people can grow in their faith, can question and discover the sacred in life through openness, struggle, laughter, prayer and worship.
  • support one another through mutual care and hospitality.
  • be alert to the needs of our local community and the wider world, having a commitment to be in solidarity with those who are marginalised and isolated.
  • celebrate life in all its fullness and cherish creation.

We don’t manage it all the time, so when we stumble and fall, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try again.

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190526 Notice Sheet

As members of St Columba’s Church we are concerned with the wholeness of each individual within God’s purpose for everyone. We seek to safeguard all members of the church community. It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse and from neglect. If you would like to speak to someone about any aspect of St Columba’s Church safeguarding policies, or you have any concerns, in the first instance, please contact our Safeguarding Officer, Dora Deane, email dora.deane@gmail.com

To read our Safeguarding Children Policy, please email admin@stcolumbacrosspool.org.uk 

To read our Safeguarding Adults Policy, please email admin@stcolumbacrosspool.org.uk 


Electoral Roll

You can find our Electoral Roll Privacy Notice here:

Church of St. Columba, 503, Manchester Rd, Crosspool, Sheffield, S10 5PL


  • Join us this Sunday (26th May) at Stephen Hill Church

    20th May, 2019

    You are welcome to join us as we meet together with Stephen Hill Methodist Church for a service of Holy Communion at 10.30am.

  • SacREd Sapce

    27th April, 2019

    Join us on Sunday 12th May for SacREd Space, 7pm at St Columba.

    The aim of SacREd Space is to provide a quiet, beautiful, communal space to just be; a time to let go of our to do lists, our anxieties, our pre-occupations, and rest in the silence, music and stillness that is provided. It will hopefully serve as an antidote to our busy, stressful lives and be an opportunity to still our minds and receive from a deeper place – to hear from that still small voice that resides in us, – and to RE- engage with what is important and life- giving. It allows us to step back and reassess what we give our time and energy to.

    The evenings don’t follow and exact format, but often include times of quiet, a meditation to still our minds, a ritual that people are invited to partake in (there is no obligation to participate), poems & writings, and a one minute talk.

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