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As a community we endeavor to:

  • be an inclusive church which celebrates human diversity and welcomes all.
  • create a space where people can grow in their faith, can question and discover the sacred in life through openness, struggle, laughter, prayer and worship.
  • support one another through mutual care and hospitality.
  • be alert to the needs of our local community and the wider world, having a commitment to be in solidarity with those who are marginalised and isolated.
  • celebrate life in all its fullness and cherish creation.

We don’t manage it all the time, so when we stumble and fall, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try again.


As members of St Columba’s Church we are concerned with the wholeness of each individual within God’s purpose for everyone. We seek to safeguard all members of the church community. It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse and from neglect. If you would like to speak to someone about any aspect of St Columba’s Church safeguarding policies, or you have any concerns, in the first instance, please contact our Safeguarding Officer, Brenda Nelson. You can email Brenda: Brenda.Nelson@stcolumbacrosspool.org.uk or phone 0114 267 0006.

To read our Safeguarding Children Policy, please email admin@stcolumbacrosspool.org.uk 

To read our Safeguarding Adults Policy, please email admin@stcolumbacrosspool.org.uk 


If you normally give to church by envelope or via the plate on a Sunday, and would like to continue to give while the church building is closed, please consider setting up a standing order or making a one-off donation via your bank, either online or by telephone. The account details for St. Columba’s account are as follows:

Church of St Columba || S/C 05-08-18 || A/C  33146413 || Yorkshire Bank

Electoral Roll

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  • Good News from AllChurches Trust!

    30th April, 2021

    Good News!

    Our Hope Beyond grant application was successful! AllChurches Trust Limited Trustees have awarded us a grant, which will help us to upgrade our communications and ICT/AV facilities in both St Columba’s and Steven Hill, as well as developing our new shared website.  The Hope Beyond Grant Scheme aims to enable churches and Christian charities to meet changing needs within their communities, helping them and the communities they support to adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.   Upgrading our filming and recording equipment and software will help us to move to a more professional digital platform, which is particularly important as we aim to continue to make our online services and events more accessible as we go forwards. This means we will be able to continue to work within and widen the community as we have been doing during this pandemic.

    In particular we will be focusing on updating our video and recording equipment so our Zoom services and (hopefully) other events will be able to be more widely broadcast, as well as working on our YouTube and website presences.

    Please join with us in thankful celebration for All Churches Trust, Registered Charity No. 1043742 for their generous investment in St Columba and Stephen Hill. AllChurches Trust is one of the UK’s largest grant-making trusts.  In 2020 they awarded over £23m to churches, charities and communities all over the UK and Ireland.  Their funds come from ownership of the Ecclesiastical Insurance group (EIG). Please keep our Hope Beyond project in your prayers.

  • Pizzas for Saturday Vaccine Volunteers!

    27th March, 2021

    St Columba Vaccine volunteers were delighted by the surprise pizza delivery and humbled by such kindness and generosity.  The pizza verdict? Delicious! Thank you Papa Ciccios of 10 Sandygate Road in Crosspool, Sheffield. The Vaccine Hub remains so grateful for and so encouraged by our local community.

    Thinking the winter snow was long gone and British Summer Time here, many were surprised to wake up to light snow fall in Crosspool on Saturday 27 March. Thankfully the Hub has now installed a grit box at the church so is well stocked and always well prepared.

    Pizza was a highlight in a very special week for the Vaccine Hub.  Nationally we so poignantly marked the One Year On from the first Lockdown.  Locally we also reflected on the first anniversary of setting up of the Covid-19 Community Hub in the St Columba Church Office and our community support to the Firvale Foodbank collecting and delivering weekly donations on Fridays from St Columba and Stephen Hill Methodist Church collection points.

    The Vaccine Hub achieved it’s own major milestone too, celebrating delivery of over 13,000 first vaccinations since January. Dr Tom McAnea, lead clinician said:

    ‘A word of thanks to our volunteers.  They worked as efficiently and effectively as ever (…) ensuring the process was smooth for patients.  It is a testament to the goodwill and positivity associated with this work which brings out the best in people. I am as always grateful to Steve, Brenda and the whole team at St Columba’s who make this all possible.’

    This week the Hub welcomed the return of many friendly faces too.  The Hub offered second vaccines to those who received the very first batches of vaccinations just 12 weeks ago.  For many of our 80 and 90 year old’s and others who have been shielding, it has again been a rare and positive opportunity to get out of the house. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to Lockdown easing.

    A volunteer commented:

    ‘It is a privilege to serve and be part of the Vaccine Hub at St Columba.  We are so grateful to Papa Ciccio’s – in Crosspool since 1988, for their support and very kind and welcome donation on Saturday.  As we head into Holy Week and celebrate the new hope that Easter brings, we are so thankful to be part of, and located at the heart of, such a caring and generous local community in Crosspool.  Such a blessing.

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